Salsbury Mailboxes

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Salsbury Mailboxes & Mailbox Posts

Salsbury mailboxes are U.S.P.S. approved and are made entirely of aluminum. Constructed of a 1/8″ thick extruded aluminum body with a 1/8″ thick die cast aluminum front door and rear cover. The die cast door is attached to the body with a full-width stainless steel hinge allowing for smooth operation. Features a durable powder coated finish and includes a magnetic door catch. Salsbury Industries has excelled in the field of manufacturing since 1936.

Salsbury Mailboxes Offers Variety and Style.

Salsbury Mailboxes are available in a variety of colors. Salsbury offers many styles including Standard, 2 Toned, Antique and Victorian Style Mailboxes. Once you have determined the perfect mailbox you will find a complimentary mailbox post below. Want to see more? Visit the Complete Selection. Prices for the mailboxes shown range from $85 to $125. Prices are reflective of current and are subject to change. 

Salsbury Mailboxes
Mailboxes Designed by Salsbury Industries

Salsbury Mailbox Posts to Compliment Your Mailbox

Salsbury Mailbox Posts are made of heavy duty aluminum and  are available in three popular designs and come in five contemporary colors. The designs include Victorian, One Sided and Deluxe Mailbox Posts. See all available styles and color options for your Salsbury Mailbox Posts. The mailbox posts shown below range from $90 to $150. These prices  are reflective of current and are subject to change.

Salsbury Mailbox Posts
Mailbox Posts designed by Salsbury Industries

Featuring designs by Salsbury

The featured designs below are available in a variety of colors. Prices are subject to change. The best price will be provided at the time of your estimate. Prices shown include Salsbury mailbox post and mailbox.

Salsbury Mailbox Styles

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