Mailbox Installation Estimate

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Mailbox Installation Estimate

$140 includes removal of your existing mailbox and mailbox post. All necessary ground work including securing the post with concrete will be completed. We will ensure your new mailbox post is sturdy, level, meets proper depth and required distance from the curb. All required assembly will be completed including attachment of your mailbox to the post. Your New mailbox and Mailbox Post installation will be 100% complete and you will be ready to accept mail.

Additional charge will include:

$6 – Commercial Grade Crack Resistant Concrete.

Additional charges may include:

$8 – 4x4x6 Severe Weather Treated Post.

$6 – Mailbox Mounting Board.

$10 – Plaque Installation. (Whitehall Mailboxes)

$20 – Haul Away of old mailbox and post.

All prices are subject to change and will be reflected on your Mailbox Installation Quote.

Mailbox Installation Estimate Request

Our contact us form is available below to request your free mailbox installation estimate. If you have already purchased a mailbox and mailbox post, an estimate on mailbox installation labor and materials needed to complete the installation will be provided. If you have not yet purchased a mailbox and mailbox post, we will provide you with an estimate including all materials and labor.

Helpful information for estimate

Already purchased a mailbox and post? Please provide us with the brand name and style.

Need to purchase a mailbox? Please let us know your interests.

General questions about service or mailbox installation

Mailbox Remedies will be happy to assist with any questions you may have regarding service, mailbox purchase and mailbox Installation. Contact us today to get started and Mailbox Remedies will provide the best service possible.

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