Floor Installation Service

Floor Installation Service

Our handyman service provides ceramic, vinyl, laminate and engineered hardwood floor installation. We service the Greater Chicago Area. Please use our Contact Us form below to receive your Floor Installation Estimate.

Ceramic Tile Floor Installation

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular flooring choices used in homes and offices throughout the United States and around the world. Ceramic tile is also a popular choice for walls, backsplashes, showers and more. Used in just about every room in a home, ceramic tile is beneficial for you and your home. It’s beneficial for you because it’s environmentally friendly, reduces household allergens, increases your home’s value and is one of the smartest flooring choices around. Practical, functional and beautiful all describe ceramic tiles. From the many sizes, shapes and textures, you’ll be amazed at all the choices you have for designing your dream floor, backsplash or wall.

Ceramic Tile Installation Ceramic Tile Installation 2 Ceramic Tile Installation Bathroom Ceramic Tile Installation

Vinyl Floor Installation

Vinyl flooring works well with newly constructed homes for families with pets, kids and a tight budget. Durable because they can take a beating and still hold quality. Low maintenance because any spills or scuffs can be easily treated. Another reason vinyl flooring works well with multi-family construction is because of the design implications. Vinyl flooring is made to look as realistic as possible. Its design possibilities are endless.

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Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring benefits your wallet better than any other flooring option on the market. It is less than half the price of hardwood and cheaper than carpet. It will also save you money in the long run because you won’t need to replace it for years. Unlike hardwood, marble or carpet, laminate flooring does not fade in the sunlight and is resistant to stains, impacts and scratches. This is due to the incredibly durable melamine plastic wear layer laminate flooring manufacturers use for the top surface of laminate floors.

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