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Mailbox Remedies provides basketball hoop installation. In fact, we have completed more than 50 installations in the Greater Chicago Area. Setting up your basketball hoop installation service is simple. Just send us the details which should include the brand and model number of your new basketball hoop system. You can use our contact us form found below to complete this process. We will respond with your free estimate.

Why Choose Mailbox Remedies

We believe in safety. Your children will be playing on your basketball hoop system. Therefore, the system must be installed correctly. Mailbox Remedies has reinstalled many basketball hoop systems that were not properly installed the first time. We follow the directions and we do not take short cuts. You can be confident that your basketball hoop will be installed to last and most importantly it will remain stable and safe for your children.

What to expect

In-ground Basketball Hoop Installation with Assembly is a 2 part project. Part one includes the ground work which includes putting a cement foundation slab in the ground to support the basketball pole. This requires a 3-4 ft hole to be dug out, approximately 20” x 20” in square measurement. Next the concrete work must be completed. This process calls for 700 to 900 lbs of concrete for the slab. That’s a lot of concrete and probably why you are considering this service. Part 2 starts about 36 hours later and includes the assembly of the pole and attachment to the foundation. Following includes the assembly and attachment of the goal.

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Mailbox Remedies wants your business. We can input just about anything into our website to make you feel good about hiring us. Don’t just take our word for it. Back your decision by seeing what our customers say. You will be glad you did. Read our reviews.

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