About Us

About Us

Our story began in 2012 and the original company name was “The Postman.”  Pondering thoughts of an idea that would provide a service people needed without much competition.  Then it came to us, mailbox installation! Why not, almost everyone has a mailbox. 9 million people in the Greater Chicago Area and most within a 45 mile radius. This might just work. At the time there were about 6 other companies that offered this service so we knew we had to be better!

Testing the Idea

We began handing out fliers in our local neighborhood announcing that we were installing new mailboxes. This went on for awhile without any response. About 3 weeks in, the phone began to ring! We started receiving interest and soon we were installing mailboxes. We continued handing out fliers and more mailbox installation requests followed. It was a great sign and we decided to move forward and take this a step further.

The Progression

We decided to turn this into a legitimate business. “The Postman” became known as Mailbox Remedies. We began advertising aggressively throughout the Greater Chicago Area. Our advertising was mainly on the internet as it seemed to be the most efficient and cost effective. Business continued growing. We decided to add a Handyman Service to our portfolio. We were already busy installing mailboxes for homeowners, why not take care of their other needs. It was a win, win! We were busy and our customers were happy providing us with 5 star, customer satisfaction review ratings.

So Here We Are Today

Look no further. Our Mailbox Installation Service offers you a large selection of new mailboxes and new mailbox posts to choose from. Our service team at Mailbox Remedies will be providing you with a professional mailbox installation. Your new mailbox will be installed correctly, following the United States Postal Service and local guidelines. Our locally owned company and team provides mailbox installation service to the Greater Chicago Area.

Currently Mailbox Remedies has a Customer Review Rating of 5 stars. Therefore, you can expect a 5 star level of service provided to you from start to finish. Mailbox Remedies takes a great deal of pride in our workmanship. Hence, our goal is to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Handyman Services

Mailbox Remedies also provides handyman services for Home Owners. We do just about anything and we do it well. Just check out our reviews. Let your to do list become ours. We are here to assist you!

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